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Luis Gabriel Sanabria is a Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist. Graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a BFA in Acting and Performing Arts and completing an MA on Cultural Management and Administration from the same institution. Luis began his questioning of identity and cultural exploration at a young age, as a result of growing up between the islands of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. He was part of world-renowned Bread and Puppet Theater located in Vermont, United States, from 2014-2019. He worked as an artist, performer, instructor and operations manager. Along with the theater company, he traveled through the United States, Canada, Central America and Europe, participating in a wide diversity of projects, including the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes in France. He was co-creator of Kuniklo Collective, a multimedia art group that exhibited in San Juan on the year 2016 at the Gallery Roberto Paradise and produced several art video pieces. His latest solo show was in 2022 at Souvenir 154 Gallery in San Juan, an exhibition that showcased identity explorations through carnival icons and ancestral practices. He currently develops his practice around rituals and carnival derived themes with the intention of creating new types of iconographies.

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